by Rona Sharon

November 2006
ISBN: 0-8217-8057-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

West Indies, 1705

Lady Alanis was tired of waiting for her fiancé Lord Lucas Hunter to return to England from his duties in Jamaica as her majesty’s famed “Pirate Hunter.” Alanis had decided to sail on one of her grandfather’s ships to be with him. Waylaid by the fierce Italian pirate known by the moniker of the Viper, Alanis was not about to go peacefully as the next prize for this blackheart’s treasure trove!

Eros was awestruck by the stunning blonde Lady Alanis, Lord Hunter’s betrothed. His intention to kidnap Alanis to draw Hunter out in order to find where Lucas was holding his sister, Gelsomina, was backfiring when Eros found himself drawn to the feisty beauty. Alanis was not the typical demure English noblewoman. She had spirit and was not cowed by him! Learning Gelsomina was in love with Lucas and wanted to marry him, Eros was only too happy to accommodate his younger sister by taking the lovely Alanis with him upon his escape from Hunter’s clutches. Alanis finds herself immersed in the adventure Eros takes her, revealing a gentleman hidden beneath the ruthless façade of the pirate Eros portrays himself to be. Forced to deal with another enemy, one that would steal his birthright, Eros and Alanis are swept away into passionate nights of wicked pleasure, and danger filled intrigue!

Zebra debut author Rona Sharon’s My Wicked Pirate tries to be too many things in one story. There are too many characters, too many locations, too many languages, too many plots, and too many repetitive descriptive narratives, that made this book just way too long. If perhaps it had been cut from its 432 pages, to possibly half that, it might have been a better read. The plotline cannot decide if it is a pirate high-seas adventure, a desert sheik romance, or a missing European prince book! So it turns hero Eros, aka Viper, aka El-Amir, aka Prince Stefano Andrea, into all of the afore mentioned, adding to the confusion. The character of Eros (aka et al)is just too wild, vicious, and oftimes sureal and even with a very long awaited explanation as to why he is this way, it comes too late for any redemption in the reader’s already set mind. Alanis is a ditz! She wants an adventure with a rogue pirate and yet expects to keep her virtue and reputation intact? Hello, I don’t think so! All in all, not worth the great effort it took to read it.

Reviewed in January 2007 by Bonnie.

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