by Alyssa Day

March 2007
ISBN: 978-0-425-21449-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

The true king to be of the underwater world of Atlantis has returned after disappearing seven years ago. Conlan was thought to be dead. With his return, the sacred Trident of Poseidon has been stolen and he and his seven warriors will have to venture to the surface to find it.

As Conlan emerges from the sea, he finds a woman being attacked by three drunken men. After he saves her, something about her ignites a raging hot fire of sexual arousal, unlike anything he has experienced before. She is special and he needs to find out what that is exactly that has put him in a carnal tailspin. That something has also linked her to him mentally.

Atlantis Rising is by author Alyssa Day. The beginning of this story was a little overwhelming with all the different characters Ms. Day introduced within the first chapter of this novel. To the point the book was put down, then being picked back up weeks later. What a shocker when the second chapter hit and this story exploded into reading heaven—wow, what a come back!

Between the big, delicious warriors, king to be Conlan, and his very deadly priest, Alaric, Ms. Day cut a completely refreshing path for her characters to become real life personalities that mesmerized this reviewer. Weaving in supernatural creatures, magic and spellbinding crafting to hook this reviewer totally till the end. The sizzle between Conlan and Riley is sexy as hell, not to mention the rest of the tension between the other characters in this novel. Ms. Day definitely is a contending voice in the paranormal genre.

Riley Dawson is a social worker that is used to the dangers of her job. But after one every brutal encounter that left one person dead and her banged up, she heads to the beach that has always been a haven to her. Only this time, she will be attacked then saved by a huge, overpowering man that takes her breath away. From that meeting on, Riley will become a very poignant person in Conlan search for the stolen Trident. Secrets will be revealed and hearts will bloom. Be ready to take the ride of your life with Atlantis Rising.

This reviewer has only one thing left to say, don’t hesitate to grab a copy of Atlantis Rising. The next book in the series is Atlantis Awakening and this reviewer will be ready and waiting to come back to the amazing warriors of Poseidon!

Reviewed in February 2007 by Janalee.

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