by Cathy Yardley

November 2001
ISBN: 0-373-79018-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #14
Mass Market Paperback

What do you do if you’re twenty-nine years old, and are faced with a possible life-threatening crisis? Well, if you’re Angela Snowe, the first thing you do is vow to live every day you have left to the limit, and the second thing is to get busy on losing your virginity. Dying a virgin is not cool. That’s where Josh Montgomery enters the picture.

Good looking, and much pursued, Josh is puzzled by this combination of innocent and wanton who has just asked him to be her first! He’s intrigued, shocked, fascinated, and more than a little turned on. It’s a great premise for a romance, especially when it turns out that the life threatening part is just a false alarm. It does leave ex-virgin Angela with a problem, though, and his name is Josh.

Both Angela and Josh are delightful lovers. Angela is doing her best to live up to her new lifestyle, developing friendships, taking courses, and genuinely entering into things with a passion, something we can all understand. Josh is completely knocked off his feet by Angela, and breaks all his rules to pursue her. He’s a charming guy that anyone would be happy to date at the drop of a hat (I don’t remember any Joshes around when I was dating!!). So where’s the problem?

In true romance style, the problems are more of the self-made kind, although here, they are easy to understand and we can very much empathize with Angela’s dilemma. Josh’s mistakes are a little harder to understand, and it’s unnerving to realize that we might not have spotted them had we been in Angela’s shoes.

This is a cheerful, sexy story with two wonderful lovers who, to quote Josh “go at it like rabbits!” Rabbits couldn’t possibly have this much fun!!!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Celia.

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