by Christine Warren

May 2007
ISBN: 0-312-34777-4
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Six months have passed since the Unveiling, and the human world continues to adjust to the fact that Others share their planet. For many, this revelation was simply a confirmation of what they already believed. For others, the news was most unwelcome.

Researcher Abby Baker cannot believe that she is in the middle of a riot. When her co-worker convinced her to come along while he filmed the news story, she never dreamed she would end up crouched behind a car trying to become one with the fender. The people are not just protesting, they have found someone to punish for being different. As she watches in horror, a young man, who unfortunately did not hide his horns, has become their target. As she tries to get out of the vicinity, she is spotted by both sides.

The demon known as Rule cannot believe that one fiend has managed to disappear into the city. Normally he wouldn’t care but this particular fiend is being hunted by Uzkiel and happens to possess a very powerful spell that cannot fall into Uzkiel’s hands. As he locates his prey residing in the cornered Other, the fight erupts and he sees the human woman get knocked to the ground. This is not a good sign, since the fiend has probably jumped into a new host. One named Abby Baker.

The Demon You Know is the third book about the Others by Christine Warren. Ms. Warren continues her storyline with a humor-laced novel about stubborn, opinionated people who aren’t all human. Readers will chuckle along as Abby’s Catholic upbringing comes in direct opposition to the real world. Demons are the good guys, after all. Her interactions with Lou, her fiendish “guest” are hilarious, especially when he is at his lewd worst. While it is not necessary to read the first two novels in the series, exposure to The Demon You Know may cause you to scramble for her backlist.

Reviewed in May 2007 by Paula.

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