by Margaret Wilson

April 2007
ISBN: 1-58749-609-7
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Kathleen was heartbroken that Daniel left her and took his son Leo with him. She had found her true love but it didnít seem that Daniel thought he was good enough for her, so he packed up and left. Vanishing into thin air, no one knew where he was. Kathleen went to another man for comfort and found herself married and pregnant.

This is just the beginning of the story. Kathleen is now a widow with a wonderful, stubborn, and energetic four year old named Maggie. She and Maggie go with Ralph and Patrick to Italy for an extended vacation. There are a few surprises along the way for both Kathleen and Daniel. They meet again after four years. Both havenít stopped loving the other, but as someone mentions in the story that Daniel is a jackass and that about sums it up with them.

Can the two of them find the way back to each other and to the love they both have for each other? Can Daniel stop being the jackass and not let his stubborn pride get in the way? What about Kathleen? Can she love Daniel again after her heart was broken by him before?

Ralph and Kathleen work together in writing a comic strip that features the most important people of their lifeís in it. They let their personal life bleed into the comic that is one of the ways they deal with the stress and the frustrations of the people in their life.

The characters in Coming Home The Long Way are great. They interaction between them all, from the protective way Ralph and Patrick are with Kathleen and Maggie. The way that Ralph and Kathleen are there for Patrick and each other when the times are rough and Maggie sensing when someone needs a hug and of course we canít forget her tendency for going naked. They are one unique family. Daniel knows he lost the best thing in his life when he walked away from Kathleen taking Leo with him, but he didnít think she would stay with him for the duration. He tries to run again but that leaves him miserable as well as Leo. He needs to learn that Kathleen loves him and will be there for him. But will he before it is too late?

We canít forget about Danielís ex-wife Sylvia as she is the villain in the story along with her husband. She and her husband try to make life difficult for Daniel and Kathleen and all they hold dear. But will they succeed?

Ms Wilson gave us a wonderful story of finding the one you never stopped loving and hoping things will work out this time around. The story was not without its bumps and bruises along the way for everyone. There is deceit and mistrust along with love. Ms. Wilson pulls at your heart hoping that everything will work out and you canít stop reading for fear you will miss something along the way.

Reviewed in April 2007 by Pam.

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