by Sophie Jordan

March 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-112226-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Yorkshire, England

Headstrong Lady Portia Derring, had been avoiding marriage ever since her debut into society five years before at age 17. After her brother looses the family fortune, Portia is forced to accept a match between herself and her grandmotherís good friend, the dowager Countess of Moretonís notorious grandson, scion of the ďMad MoretonĒ family.

On the moors of Yorkshire, traveling to the Moretonsí secluded estate, Portiaís coach gets stuck in the mud and her irresponsible coachman disappears. Deciding she had waited long enough and against the better wishes of her maid, Portia leaves the warm coach and heads out for help in the pouring rain and slushy muck. Barreling down the road at breakneck speed appears a demon on horseback that nearly tramples Portia! Unleashing her notorious viper tongue on the scowling rider, Portia begrudgingly accepts the manís help, only to waylay her would be rescuer when her foul temper results in the manís horse running off. Finding herself unexplainably attracted to this dark and brooding stranger, Portia becomes more and more drawn into his sensual web until he unceremoniously dumps her at the inn in the village and disappears.

Heathston Moreton, the Earl of Moreton is stunned when he enters his family drawing room and encounters the girl he had christened Miss Mud-pie whom he rescued from the road the day before! Wanting nothing to do with his grandmotherís plot to get him wed, Heath does everything in his power to prove to Portia that he is unacceptable as marriage material. Explaining that he is cursed with the madness that runs in his family, and that he will not jeopardize any further generations with the affliction, Portia is more then happy to accept Heathís rejection. After all, Portia wants only to remain a spinster and be free to make her life the way she wants it to be. Convincing the uneasy Heath to allow her to remain at his manor until the season is done in Town, Portia and Heath find themselves thrown together over and over again thanks to his grandmotherís schemes. Heath may be Too Wicked to Tame, but Portia just might be the one woman who can bring this beast to heal!

Newbie romance author Sophie Jordan continues her winning streak with her next regency romance, Too Wicked to Tame; follow up to last yearís super hit Once Upon a Wedding Night. Great romantic chemistry combusts at every encounter of this dynamic couple, Heath and Portia, and like a tasty treat you will enjoy every delectable morsel to the end!

Reviewed in February 2007 by Bonnie.

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