by Linda Lael Miller

April 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-77194-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Indian Rock, Arizona

The third entry in Linda Lael Miller’s McKettrick Men trilogy is cousin Keegan’s story, McKettrick’s Heart.

Psyche Ryan was dying and knew the person who would care for her son with pure love was his birth mother, Molly Shields. Summoning Molly to her home in Indian Rock Arizona and laying out her offer of taking Lucas back leaves Molly stunned. Molly’s disastrous affair with Psyche’s deceased husband resulted in Lucas. Molly had truly believed giving up her precious son to the Ryan’s had been for the best and had gone on with her life as a successful literary agent. Knowing she had done the best she could with providing a good decent home for her baby, Molly never thought she would get a second chance to be a mother to him. What Molly didn’t count on was the contingency to Psyche’s plan, the presence of Keegan McKettrick as executor of Psyche’s estate and legal guardian of Lucas.

Keegan McKettrick was no stranger to pain and loss. His parents died when he was a teenager, his scheming ex-wife was threatening to take his beloved daughter Devon away, and now his company McKettrick Co. was in danger of going public. Keegan’s two cousins, Jesse and Rance, had each found a woman to start a new life with leaving him once again alone. Another blow to hit Keegan was finding out his childhood sweetheart Psyche was dying. How could Keegan deny Psyche’s last request that he co-parent her son with a woman he wanted very little to do with? Yet there was something about the mysterious Molly Shields that drew Keegan into her arms and bed. Could Keegan learn to love again with Molly? According to Psyche’s wishes if they both wanted Lucas they were going to have to.

McKettrick’s Heart wraps up this series of the modern McKettrick men. Keegan McKettrick had been integral in both earlier installments and we were hoping he would find his love and happiness as did his cousins Jesse and Rance. The customary sparks fly between the forceful Keegan and enigmatic Molly but the cliché riddled plot reeks of soap opera elements. The overall read is quick and easy which makes for a mindless escape for a rainy day.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Bonnie.

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