by Linda Winstead Jones

April 2007
ISBN: 0-425-21481-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Beautiful, sensual and magically powerful Anwyn Queen Keelia is outraged to find herself kidnapped by a barbaric Caradon male who insists she is behind the evil spell decimating his people. Keelia recognizes this man from her dreams as the fulfillment to the prophecies for her mate. How can that be? The Caradon and the Anwyn are sworn enemies and have been for centuries. While the Caradon have the ability to shape-shift as do the Anwyn on the rise of a full moon, they become mountain lions while Anwyn are wolves. Despite the threats by this brute that seems to be immune to her sexual charms, Keelia remains regal and uncooperative, insisting she is innocent to his charges. Finally getting him to agree to take her to the ancient grandmother, the all knowing wise woman of his kind, they set out together on a dangerous trek.

Joryn, a magically enhanced Carradon with the ability to summon fire at a touch, needs the queen to reverse the spell that turns his people into hideous soulless monsters when they shift to their cat form. But it has been days and the erotic beauty has held to her innocence. Perhaps there is something in her claim that she is not responsible for what is happening and that there is another enemy that threatens both their people! They agree to put aside their differences and become allies. During their long and dangerous mission the prophecy is made clear to Keelia that Joryn is indeed her one true mate. Despite the sexual gratification that both have achieved in each others arms, convincing this aloof Prince of Fire of that will be one feat of magic that Keelia may not be able to pull off!

Prince of Fire is the follow-up to Prince of Magic by Linda Winstead Jones. It picks up the storyline that was left hanging at the end of the first book, so this cannot stand alone. Heroine Keelia can grate on the nerves with her haughty demeanor and constant harping to hero Joryn that he is her one true mate. Joryn wants the Anwyn Queen to scratch his sexual itch but thatís as far as he wants their relationship to go, he isnít a long term kind of guy, it is the way of his people. The constant sniping at each other is bothersome, and the fight against the demonic Ciro seems almost secondary in this chapter of the series. Hopefully the next, Prince of Swords will pick up the momentum.

Reviewed in June 2007 by Bonnie.

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