by Susan Wiggs

February 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2414-0
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Mass Market Paperback

The weather outside in many parts of the country is finally turning into a true winter and readers can curl up in your favorite reading place and settle in for the latest book from Susan Wiggs, The Winter Lodge.

The Winter Lodge takes readers back to the picturesque town of Avalon. This time we get to learn more about Jenny Majesky, the love child of Phillip Bellamy and Mariska Majesky. Jenny is a loving thoughtful young woman who has always dreamt big. She dreams of moving to the big city and becoming a famous author.

However, fate has played a hand in her life more than she might have liked, and her mother disappeared when she was still quite young. Jenny was raised with much love and affection by her grandparents, and didn’t feel she could leave them as they aged and grew frail. Now, she’s still in Avalon, but at least she’s writing a weekly column for the local paper.

Life is sailing along until the night Jenny’s world turns upside down. Her home burns to the ground, and it forces her to look at the life she has led and decide if it’s truly the path she wants to continue on. If there was ever a time to take a chance and change a life she has truly been presented with the opportunity to turn a tragedy into a gift.

In The Winter Lodge we’re allowed the opportunity to sit and reflect on how we would react when faced with the many difficult decisions that Jenny has had to face over the years. Her well of strength is one that is truly amazing, and that I could only hope to have if faced with the many choices she’s had to make over the course of her relatively young life.

At the end of The Winter Lodge readers will be torn between cheering and crying for Jenny, but to know why you have to read The Winter Lodge for yourself. Unfortunately I also believe readers will be left feeling a little like there is still a lot of story to be told. The good news…another story about the Bellamy’s and Camp Kioga is due in August. I can only hope that this won’t be the last book about this family, as I believe there are still many stories left to tell, and I look forward to each with anticipation that only comes when a beloved author gives you characters to love and feel as though you know as well as you know your best friend.

Reviewed in January 2007 by Sandi.

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