by Kate Douglas

September 2002
ISBN: 1-84630-259-8
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This is the third book in the “Starquest” series, and once again Kate Douglas tells a spellbinding story about the power of love. In her first book, the power of love bridged the gap between two very different species. Then came the second tale, where the power of love helped two people fulfill their own personal destinies. Now we have the power of love to heal. To heal not only people, but entire planets.

Also different in this book is the fact that the heroine is a Lioness of Mirat. Sheyna, stepsister of Garan (who we met in the previous adventure) is on her way to Earth to put her telepathic healing abilities to good use. Malachi Franklin (another returning character) needs to utilize Mirat healing skills because he has some seriously damaged patients. Malachi has some telepathic skills of his own, but the people of Earth are learning that the minds of the Mirat species are vastly more skilled at such things. And when Malachi and Sheyna meet? Sparks, mental and otherwise.

Kate Douglas cleverly lures us into a lighthearted romance and then catches us unawares as she turns it into a powerful and gripping tale of passion, anger, strength and love. Sheyna and Malachi must face some bleak and terrible experiences and discover whether their newly found emotions can truly heal the worst damage – an injury to the soul. Can their minds and hearts combine to protect them and lead them out of danger?

Malachi has grown since we first met him, and is now a level headed, intelligent and mature man, capable of recognizing the one woman who is his true mate. But it is Sheyna who leaps off the pages at us like the feline beauty she resembles. Her strength under duress, her confusion, her pain and her love make her seem very real and she is a magnificent and worthy heroine. She and Malachi re-affirm the truly awesome power of love and Kate Douglas re-affirms her ability to keep us in thrall to their story with her enormous talent.

Pride of Imar continues this series in style, adding another dimension to the erotic mix of Mirat sensuality and human passion. If you haven’t read the first two books, you’ll still enjoy this one, but I’d certainly recommend reading them in order, because the story line is quite detailed and it will help to have some background on the rebellion. This is one sequel that was definitely worth waiting for – I hope it’s not the end of our adventures with these fascinating characters.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Celia.

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