by Ruth Langan

August 1996
ISBN: 0-373-28929-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #329
Mass Market Paperback

Prim and proper Pearl Jewel was more than out of sorts in her new found home in Texas, to say the least. She had plans to open up a school there in Hanging Tree, and had even secured a building and gotten a handful of students.

Cal McCade`s world was one of the wide open range and a campfire. His troubled past was all he needed for company. But Pearl tempted him as no woman had before, and he had urges he`d never had before, like prove that Pearl was all fire under the cool demeanor that she showed the world.

Pearl and Cal`s story was a good one, but one that I won`t be going back to re-read anytime soon. Compared to her sister`s, Pearl`s character is lacking, especially as Onyx Jewel`s daughter. Cal`s past was a tad predictable, but otherwise, it`s a good book to read on a lazy weekend.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Lucy.

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