by Linda Howard

June 2001
ISBN: 0-671-02757-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Jaine Bright and her three coworkers, Marcie, T.J. and Luna, weren't looking for notoriety or fame when they came up with a list of qualities for the perfect man. Nevertheless, "The List", as it soon became known, became the talk of the town and the women behind it were launched onto the nightly news and morning talk shows, whether they wanted to be there or not. "The List" has its share of fans and its critics, but one man is not amused at all by the four women's antics and is mad enough to kill - literally.

"The List" is causing all sorts of problems for the four women. Jaine's siblings won't speak to her and her boss isn't happy about the risqué content; T.J. is on the verge of divorce and Marcie and Luna's boyfriends are none to happy about the list's contents and the notoriety it has brought their mates. However, none of that seems important when one of them ends up murdered.

Thankfully, Jaine has Detective Sam Donovan as a neighbor whom she can turn to when the going gets tough. However, Jaine wasn't very appreciative to be living next door to Sam when she first moved in, given that she was convinced, with his blood-shot eyes and strange hours, that he was a drug-dealer, a drunk or worse! However, from the very beginning sparks flew whenever the met. But those sparks soon begin to really heat things up for the both of them - and in a good way!

Before long Jaine needs to rely on Sam to keep her and her friends safe since someone is determined to keep killing until they are all dead. Will what began as an innocent joke end up costing them their lives?

Being a fan of Linda Howard, and with Mr. Perfect being one of her most highly acclaimed novels, I began this book with high expectations. It didn't disappoint! From the very first chapter, I was laughing and getting involved in the story. The primary and secondary characters are well written and believable. The dialogue, especially that between Jaine and Sam, was witty and fast-paced.

Jaine is the kind of heroine readers will love to get to know - she is spunky, speaks her mind and doesn't fall apart when danger strikes. Sam is definitely a "perfect" match for Jaine with his laid back attitude and forceful (but not overly domineering) ways. He lives up to all of Jaine's qualifications and then some! Thankfully, it doesn't take them long to realize that they are meant for each other and even their arguments often end up with them in bed - or close to it!

Mr. Perfect was the ideal mix of suspense, humor, romance and steamy sex. I would recommend this book to any Linda Howard fan, and for those who have never read one of her novels, after reading Mr. Perfect you are sure to be one!

Reviewed in January 2002 by Nicole.

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