by Margaret Moore

February 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-77228-5
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Mass Market Paperback

Wiltshire, 1204

No man will ever claim her or control her lands! That is the vow Lady Adelaide D’Averette has made after her hellish childhood at the brutish hands of her deceased father. A ward of King John, Adelaide is now a part of the lecherous sovereign’s court and has had a time of it avoiding prospective suitors as well as the king’s lustful desires. Trying to find some respite from the knights of court and the king’s pursuit, Adelaide steps into the stables and finds a litter of kittens. While playing with them, one very frisky kitty decides to climb up Adelaide’s veil and gets tangled, then starts to dig its sharp claws into Adelaide’s back. Twisting and turning to try to disengage the frightened kitten without further damaging her cap is proving to be a difficult maneuver, when a pair of muddy, scuffed boots appear in her eyesight and a deep kind voice asks if he may be of assistance.

Newly released from his months of captivity in Normandy, Lord Armand de Boisbaston has returned to England to obtain the much needed funds to ransom his brother Bayard who is still in the hands of their enemies. Having no love for his treacherous King who had turned his back on the de Boisbaston brothers’ plight, Armand still travels to court in hopes of finding a wealthy bride whose dowry would ensure the means for Bayard’s freedom. Beholding the delightful vision fighting off the kitten, Armand is immediately captivated by the lovely Lady Adelaide. Fate has thrown them together and when intrigue at court force Armand and Adelaide to fake a betrothal; their growing desires make it harder at each “pretend” kiss to not give in to what is really in both their hearts.

My Lord’s Desire is the latest in a long line of bestselling medieval romances written by one of today’s leading voices in the genre, Margaret Moore. The characters of the tortured in body and soul. Armand and the skittish Lady Adelaide make a great romantic duo. The complex mixture of the villains can lead to confusion, but the exciting climax gives us one heckava fight scene! Conspiracy, betrayal and bold knights sparring to win the hand of a beautiful lady, all fill My Lord’s Desire to make it a must read for any medieval historical lover!

Reviewed in January 2007 by Bonnie.

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