by Lucy Monroe

May 2007
ISBN: 0-7582-1178-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Beth Whitney has lusted from afar for TGP agent Ethan Crane ever since she started working for the secret project. More elusive and hidden than any government agency, The Goddard Project brings together trained men and women, dangerous assignments, and high-tech toys. Of course, Beth doesn’t lead the exciting life of a TGP agent. She’s just administration, but that doesn’t mean a part of her doesn’t long for the exciting life and adventures that Ethan and the others go on. Her dream world is rudely shaken up however when her ex-fiancé is brought into the TGP office as a new hire!

Ethan can sense the tension between Beth and the new agent and he does not like it one whit. Ethan knows he shouldn’t feed the attraction he feels for Beth, she’s far too innocent for him, but he can’t help feeling possessive of her. It only gets worse when Beth gets pulled into one of the cases he is working on. Suddenly, they are partners fighting to bring down a dangerous criminal with no conscience. Desire flares easily between them, but can it last with Beth so set against never dating an agent, and Ethan so sure that Beth is all wrong for him?

Lucy Monroe knows how to raise the pressure on her characters! Throw them into an unexpected situation with only each other to rely on and love is sure to follow! Ethan is a fairly typical Monroe hero, very sexy, a tad arrogant and possessive, and plenty in lust with the heroine. Beth is a bit calmer and usually lets life pass her by, but with their unexpected case, she doesn’t throw away an opportunity to get to know Ethan better, especially his body.

While this story doesn’t have a standout wow factor, it is still a solid romance with likable characters and dangerous situations. Both characters get the chance to kick some butt and unleash their own desires, making Satisfaction Guaranteed a sexy fun read.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Sarah.

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