by Erin McCarthy

May 2007
ISBN: 978-0-425-21515-9
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Trade Paperback

Erin McCarthy concludes her Vegas Vampires series with Bled Dry. This tale combines laughs and deep feelings to make it a pure pleasure to read.

When ordinary dentist Brittany Baldizzi discovers she is pregnant, to say she is shocked would be an understatement. The only sex Brittany has had in recent weeks is with vampire scientist, Corbin Atelier. Thereís no way Brittany can be pregnant from Corbin!

But alas, in Vegas, anything goes and that hold true for a pregnancy from a vampire. When Brittany tells Corbin the news, he is left reeling. As an impure, Brittany is already half-vampire. Corbin is 100% vampire, which means their child will be three quarters vampire which means...well, Brittany and Corbin arenít exactly sure, though Corbin has his suspicions.

Though heís lived a long time, at heart, Corbin is still an old-fashioned French man and that means doing the right thing. Proposing and marrying Brittany. Sheís having none of that though. She barely knows him! Sure, her hormones go wacky whenever they touch, but that doesnít mean sheís going to commit. All Brittany has ever wanted was a normal life, with a normal husband, kids, love, and a home together. Instead, she is starting to realize she is falling in love with a vampire, definitely not a candidate for guy next door normal.

Corbin and Brittany have issues to iron out, but with impending parenthood, vampire elections, and increasing dangers to their baby in the way, how on earth will they ever sort out their feelings?

Iím not sure if pregnancy and vampires have been tackled much in romance land lately, but I am positive that no one has approached this topic with as much flair, ingenuity, and wit as Erin McCarthy. Her stories are always fun to read and Bled Dry is no exception. Corbin and Brittany seemingly have not much in common. One, a vampire, the other mortal. One night does not a relationship make as Brittany points out, but laughter, baby shopping expeditions, baby classes, understanding, and genuine pleasure in each otherís company does a relationship make.

This book is kind of wacky, with its vampire genetics plot, the election plot, and a whole host of bad guys coming out of the woodwork, but Corbin and Brittany and their situation keep the story grounded.

Erin McCarthy manages to make a believer out of me with every story she writes, no matter how out there the plot initially seems. Bled Dry is a compelling read!

Reviewed in April 2007 by Sarah.

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