by Richelle Mead

March 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7582-1641-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Trade Paperback

During the day Georgina Kincaid is an assistant manager at a bookstore but at night she performs her duties as a succubus, well most of the time, since Georgina is not thrilled at leading innocent men to their doom. When murders and attacks start happening in her city, some of which are connected to her, Georgina thinks itís necessary to find out what is going on even though the higher ups in both heaven and hell are warning her from investigating.

In the midst of this turmoil Georginaís favorite author Seth Mortensen comes to town but he fails to live up to her expectations. It is only after Georgina spends some time with the reserved author that she truly comes to know and appreciate who he is and he starts to win her heart. Also at this time Georgina meets the mysterious Roman who she finds exciting. And although her heart is being pulled in two directions Georgina refuses to start a serious relationship with either man because of her succubus nature. It also doesnít help that the threat in her city seems to be getting closer and closer.

Succubus Blues is a fantastic introduction to a fascinating character and world that wonít fail to capture the interest of readers. Georgina is a wonderful character who ended up a succubus under abnormal circumstances and whose basic good nature has been put to the test in order to survive in her role. The contrast between Georginaís nature and her demon profession is one that readers will find fascinating and anxious to further explore. Succubus Blues is my first introduction to Richelle Mead's work and it was such a captivating tale and had such wonderful characters that it wonít be my last time reading her work. I love that Richelle Mead made her heroine so complex and that she showed that not all things are as they first appear that a second look is always necessary in order to truly see people for what they are. I am greatly looking forward to the next installment of the Georgina Kincaid series and I am confident that readers will not be disappointed with this authorís creation.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Claudia.

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