by Jenna Mills

December 2006
ISBN: 978-0-373-51432-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #118
Mass Market Paperback

The Marians are running out of time. They must find the rest of the missing Madonna Key before the Adriano family, or the world will be forever changed. The death of Scarlet Rubashka has confirmed just how dangerous their quest has become.

Ex MI-6 agent Nadia Bishop is staring at her own face in the newspaper. Reading about Scarlet’s death proves that she must come out of seclusion and learn the truth. Nadia has no idea that her journey will lead her back to the one man she cannot forget.

Author Jenna Mills has brought a thrilling tale to the Madonna Key series with Veiled Legacy. Nadia had no idea that she even had a sister, let alone a twin, when she reads the obituary. Once she sets her course to learn the truth, Nadia will face danger and more betrayal from those she has loved. In meeting the other Marians, Nadia will learn her destiny, and who to trust.

I especially appreciate the dedication of these diverse authors to bring continuity to the series. As the final book is released in January, I am sure I will not be disappointed.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Paula.

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