by Ruth Langan

February 1997
ISBN: 0-373-28952-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #352
Mass Market Paperback

Jade Jewel had gone to Texas to pay her last respects to her beloved father. She never counted on finding a home away from San Francisco on the Jewel ranch. But that`s what she did and when Reverend Wade Weston came to wage war on the sin in the small town of Hanging Tree, she was done for. Having grown up in a pleasure house, that was what she had planned on starting in the small town, but with Wade Weston sending her looks from the pulpet, she can`t help but feel guilty.

However, the esteemed Reverend has a past of his own. Several years earlier, he had saved the life of Onyx Jewel, that man that had been Jade`s father. He had also been the first to kiss the lovely Miss Jade. But now he was on the run from his past as Nevada, a notorious gunslinger.

Can they overcome their differences to allow the love that had always been just below the surface to grow?

Ruth Langan had my attention when I read Diamond, I read Pearl and really enjoyed Jade. The book started 13 years earlier, progressed smoothly and kept me turning the pages until I had finished the book, much to my dismay. Jade`s character is filled with conflict, something I never would have thought possible, given what I had read in the other books. And Wade turned out to be the sexiest of heroes, a pleasant surprise to say the least.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Lucy.

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