by Rebecca Hagan Lee

October 2002
ISBN: 0-515-13347-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

What fun this book was! Rebecca Hagan Lee has crafted a wonderfully entertaining read with characters that are meant to be loved.

To say that relationships in Kit Ramsey’s family are confusing is an understatement. But that’s what happens when you’re raised by your half brother who adopted you and married your mother who may or may not be your biological mother. But that tale apparently is one for another book. A prequel to this one, as a matter of fact, entitled Once A Mistress.

But I digress... Kit’s family tree is a bit strange but by far one of the least interesting aspects of Always A Lady. Which is the story of Mariah Shaughnessy and Christopher George “Kit” Ramsey, Lord Ramsey and Kilgannon. When they first meet, Kit and Mariah are mere children. And it’s evident in that meeting that Kit is destined to grow into a wonderful man. And he does.

Discovering he’s inherited a castle, Kit, along with his two best friends, travel to Ireland from England to see it. He hasn’t been back to Telamor since that time 14 years prior when he’d pledged to marry an orphan. When he arrives, Mariah’s waiting for him. Her life since he’s been gone has been one of strict rules in the convent in which she grew up. But she’s always felt in her heart that Kit would return to her. Neither of them expects it to be as guardian to her.

Mariah is about to reach her majority. And upon her 21st birthday, mere weeks after Kit’s return, she stands to inherit a fortune. Before that happens, though, her wish is to travel to London and make her curtsy before the Queen. Kit makes that happen and as they’re caught up in a whirlwind of activity, Kit and Mariah fall in love.

One of the best things about Always A Lady is the humor. Kit and his two best friends are hilarious together. As close as brothers and from as differing backgrounds as possible while still mingling in the same “society”, they tease and support each other through out this entire book. Kit and his friend, Ashford Everleigh, think nothing of spotting their less well off friend, Dalton Mirrant, money when it’s needed. It’s a testament to how close the three are that it has little to no effect on their relationship that Dalton is the 3rd son of a Viscount and therefore had little money of his own.

It’s Ashford and Dalton who are there to help Kit prepare Mariah for a season. They drill her on etiquette, dancing, the names and ranks of the members of the peerage and a million other things that one must know when one is entering society. And while doing all that Ashford and Dalton have great fun, as only best friends or brothers can, teasing Kit about his growing affection for his ward.

I very much enjoyed Always A Lady and look forward to reading more books by this author. Hopefully, about Ashford Everleigh and Dalton Mirrant.

Reviewed in September 2002 by JaToya.

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