by Elisa Adams

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After being dumped by her boyfriend who has also taken all her money (stupid!), Erica is tired of living a life of work and only experiencing so-so sex. So it didn’t take all that much work to convince her to have a one-night stand – something she’s never done before. Though she did have that one-night of mind-blowing experience with the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen, never did she suspect that she would see him again… as her client!! Erica is embarrassed to bits – and if she didn’t need the money badly, she’d have turned around and run away as fast she can.

Nick also has emotional baggage as far as past relationships go, but that one-night fling (he’s not into that either!) with that beautiful stranger has left an indelible impression on him. And he’s more than happy to realize that she’s his interior designer! But how can he convince Erica to continue and sate their based-on-lust-only relationship?

Through the course of their interaction, Nick, as well as Erica, is surprised to find that he wants more than sex. And the anxiety and torment that Nick goes through by his indecision to make their relationship “more” is convincing enough for this reader to sigh over again and again. Erica’s no push-over either – just because Nick can’t decide doesn’t mean she’ll put up with it! But she also has emotional and financial baggage to overcome so it’s not like she’s that willing to pursue a committed relationship after she’s been severely burned by her previous one.

Just Another Night is a hot and sexy read! With two attractive characters and lots of intimate, and sometimes inventive, interludes, it more than satisfies any Ellora’s Cave fan!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Veronica.

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