by Evangeline Anderson

November 2006
ISBN: 1-4199-0867-7
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Lucky Starr wants a night of hot sex with her boss Eric Payne, but she canít seem to get him to notice her. First she tries to gain his attention by doing an exemplary job. When that fails to work she starts making very obvious mistakes which only manages to get her a verbal reprimand in his office.

On the evening of the office Christmas party, Lucky spies a fragrance shop and stops in to get a gift for a co-worker. Instead she ends up concocting a very unique fragrance for herself combined of different oils with names like Irresistible, Desire and Seasonís Spankings. Later that evening at the party she notices several of her male co-workers are paying her much more attention than usual.

When Eric overhears Lucky confessing to her friend that sheís been making mistakes at work in order to get his attention, he commands her to his office for some punishment. All of a sudden Lucky, who always feels the need to be the one in control, finds herself having to submit to a man.

This is a short, fun ebook just perfect for heating up a cold winter night. As the title indicates, spanking is a large part of the story, but itís about so much more than that. Itís great fun to see Eric teach Lucky so much about herself.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Jackie.

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