by Evangeline Anderson

March 2007
ISBN: 0-7582-1649-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Aphrodisia
Trade Paperback

Pleasure Planet contains three passionate tales, each involving time travel in one form or another.

In The Girl, The Geek and the Time Machine Kara Wilson is frustrated by her fiancés unwillingness to set a wedding date. Dr. Ethan Robertson, a research scientist from work has always admired Kara and, when she loses her job, shows her a way to get it back. Kara doesn’t know what to think when he reveals his time machine, but she soon becomes a believer. Kara then convinces him to take her further into the past in the hopes she can stop the one event in her fiancés live that has caused him to have such intimacy issues in the present. Ethan isn’t really thrilled about helping her fix her relationship with another man since he’s attracted to her himself, but he agrees to help. Just one problem – the time machine is powered by strong emotion and Ethan can only think of one thing to spike their emotions. This is a fun, fun story as there are unexpected results when Kara tries to change the past. Ethan just wants her to figure out that maybe she’s fighting for the wrong man.

Mirror of the Heart has Reese traveling back one century to find Taylor Simms. She’s unknowingly been cloned and he needs her help to find the man responsible for cloning women for sex. He has a personal grudge as the same man used his first love, ultimately causing her death. Reese is more than a little freaked out to find herself whisked to some sort of space ship and being told some incredible story. It seems as if she has a link to her clone and can sense things through it. Only problem is that every time she finds herself linked she can only be brought out of the fugue state with either extreme pain, or extreme pleasure. This story is a bit darker than the first one but no less fun to read. I couldn’t read the ending fast enough to see what would happen with Reese and Taylor.

Rounding out this collection is Wildmen and Wormholes in which Ariel Stone-Tarrington crash lands on an unexplored planet when her fiancé freaks out and messes with the controls of their ship. She has no desire to marry the man and is only doing so to please her father. When her life is put in danger she learns what a true loser her fiancé really is. And then a naked man stalks out of the woods, saves her and carries her off to his lair. Kor has never seen another like him, having been raised by a local tribe of alien creatures. He’s fascinated with Ariel, especially with the differences in their bodies. He takes her to the village where he was raised and she’s fascinated with this unknown culture. As she teaches Kor how to speak he teaches her how to feel. I just loved this story, despite some of the more out there scenes.

Fans who enjoy a bit of science fiction and fantasy with their romance, topped off with a healthy dose of humor won’t want to miss Pleasure Planet. Rather than a collection of very similar stories, this author takes a common theme and writes three very different stories.

Reviewed in February 2007 by Jackie.

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