by Cynthia Scott

August 2002
ISBN: 0-8034-9544-7
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When Christina Pierce Farley returned to her hometown of Miracle, Oklahoma after a failed marriage, two children and fifteen years had passed, the last thing she ever expected was to feel an instant and undeniable attraction to Glen “the Geek” Stark. Glen “the Geek” had become Glen “the Gorgeous” and even though he still pushed all of Christi’s buttons and made her feel like she had something to prove, she couldn’t refute the fact that he was the first man she had felt anything for since her ex-husband.

Christi and Glen had been in competition all throughout high school. Glen had come in first in their class and Christi second, something that Glen never hesitated to remind her of and something that Christi was loath to remember! Ever since they were teenagers, Glen had always loved to pester and debate with Christi, mainly because of the crush he had on her - something no one ever guessed, least of all Christi. However, Glen never suspected his feelings for Christi would still exist after all this time or that they could be strong enough for him to contemplate jeopardizing his business plans for the future to remain in Miracle to be near her.

After Christi’s marriage ended in divorce, she wasn’t looking to become involved again with anyone – least of all someone as career driven as Glen. After all, she had two children to consider and after ten years in ten different cities, she planned on remaining in Miracle to regain some stability in her life. Glen had plans to begin his own company in Chicago and doesn’t think he could stand the small town life again – and this is just one of the obstacles in their paths!

In Hometown Reunion, Cynthia Scott makes the most of the satisfying and popular dream of your old high school crush falling madly in love with you. In this case, it’s Glen with the crush, but the plot is just as enjoyable as if it were the heroine winning her heart’s desire. And if one fantasy isn’t enough for you, there is also an underlying “ugly ducking” theme of Glen the former geek becoming hot and “drool-worthy”.

There is an additional secondary romance involving Christi’s mother and Glen’s father that is very cute and that Glen and Christi were determined to put an end to. Although I wasn’t sure of the motives behind wanting to end their parent’s romance, it did add some tension to the story since there wasn’t the usual murder plot, villain, etc. for the main characters to contend with.

Hometown Reunion is the second contemporary romance for the upcoming and talented Cynthia Scott. If Hometown Reunion is any indication of Ms. Scott's writing ability, I sincerely hope to read more from her in the future.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Nicole.

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