by Karen Kay

July 2002
ISBN: 0-380-82066-8
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Trade Paperback

What can you say about a fine guy in a loincloth except…yum?

Well, I suppose I could say the Kay Karen’s Lone Arrow’s Pride is fun addition to the naked guy in loincloth genre, (if there isn’t such a genre there ought to be), or that I enjoyed the book as a nice, and surprisingly educational, guilty little pleasure. That I felt guilty at all was no doubt to the giggle-inspiring cover art, though I realize the author probably had no control over that.

Lone Arrow’s Pride is a book from The Legendary Warriors series, and tells the story of Lone Arrow, a Crow Indian, and Carolyn White, a white woman that he saved as a child. They are reunited when Carolyn returns to undo a curse she unwittingly unleashed upon her family, and to right a wrong she did to his people at the same time. But the nature of her crime means that he cannot trust her, so he has to fight his growing feelings for her, just as he did when they were children.

These scenes, shown mostly in flashback, of Lone Arrow and Carolyn at ages sixteen and eleven, respectively, are perhaps the sweetest things I have read in a romance book in a long while, and I wish there had been more of them. Anyone who has ever seen a little girl suddenly and totally fall in love with a boy should enjoy the scenes too.

The rest of the story really revolves around Lone Arrow’s mistrust, and Carolyn’s curiosity about his people, which gives Ms. Karen an opportunity to explain and explore Crow culture, where the battle between the sexes is as big of an issue as it is anywhere else. There is a real sense of fun behind this story, where villains are not really too nasty, and women giggle together to confuse their men, and the heroine spends most of her time ogling the hero’s chest, giving us as readers plenty of chances to do some ogling ourselves.

Oh wait, I just thought of something else to say about a fine guy in a loincloth...

... take it off.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Wendy B..

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