by Vicki Lewis Thompson

March 1999
ISBN: 0-373-25821-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #721
Mass Market Paperback

Single, Sexy and Sold! is part of the Bachelor Auction series. Though the story line of a woman having bought a bachelor at an auction for a weekend date and falling in love may seem a bit trite and perhaps overused, at least in this series, Vicki Lewis Thompson’s romantic story of heroes, media and misunderstandings will definitely change your mind!

Natalie LeBlanc literally blew her retirement money – all $33,000 of it! – to buy Jonah Hayes for a weekend date. But her intention isn’t all lust filled; since her father had died six months ago, Natalie’s mother, Alice, had been in a very bad way, and meeting firefighter Jonah, who has been in the media because of Natalie, has inspired Alice to realize her dream of writing a romance novel. But no other firefighter hero will do – it has to be Jonah! And since he’s in hiding from all eligible women and their matchmaking mamas, no one can get a hold of him in the sanctity of his home or his work. And Natalie must get Jonah to alleviate her own worry about her mother’s emotional state. What’s $33,000 and possibly living off the Salvation Army when she’s in her old age compared to her mother’s happiness?

It’s Natalie’s generous spirit that makes her so endearing – and plus, she’s just sooo cute! It’s not any wonder that Jonah has been on the verge of asking her out… until the bachelor auction. It’s hilarious to see Jonah wonder whether that sweet and innocent looking woman is somehow the attractive version of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction! After all, what woman in her right mind would pay $33,000 just to date him??!! As it happens, Jonah is also adorable as the hunky firefighter who literally lives to help people. Friendly and charming, no one can resist the good guy who also happens to be eye candy!

But no matter how loveable this couple is, Ms. Thompson does not make them saccharine sweet! They’re easy on the eyes (well, in the imagination at least) and have the personality of boy/girl-next-door with a biting wit – who can resist?! Certainly not Jonah’s neighbors, characters that are very nosy in a sweet kind of way – I certainly wish I lived next to some Italian matron who’s a goddess in the kitchen!

I don’t know how I’ve missed out on Ms. Thompson’s stories in all my years of romance reading. But after Single, Sexy and Sold!, I’ll certainly be on the lookout for her current, as well as her past, releases!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Veronica.

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