by Ronda Thompson

November 2002
ISBN: 0-505-52515-1
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Trade Paperback

For lovers of the paranormal-romance genre involving tales of shapeshifters and werewolves, this is a highly recommended book! Ronda Thompson’s special talent for writing compelling come-alive characters, vivid scenes, and an intriguing plot is very evident in Call of the Moon.

Jason Donovan is a haunted, desperate man searching for the one thing he needs that will turn him back into the human he once was. He knows time is running out, and his desperation brings him out of the Canadian wilds and into Alberta. An unfortunate encounter in an alley brings him face to face with a destiny he’s unprepared to accept.

Tala Soaringbird is an “Ashi’ dolti” (meaning ‘I have been chosen’). Her life mission is to track down the dangerous werewolves of the world whenever they threaten her people. During a battle with two shapeshifters, she is injured and finds herself fighting for her life in a no-win situation. Unexpected help comes from Jason, and from that moment on both their lives are irrevocably changed.

Tala is from a Native American tribe whose generations have been hidden from the world, a people who still live in the ‘old ways’ and know nothing of the world’s changes as years, decades, centuries pass. Their bloodlines are pure, their heritage proud and steeped in ancient knowledge. One of their strictest rules is to never allow a human from the outside world to ever know of their existence or the location of the tribe. Tala breaks that rule when she brings Jason back with her. The spontaneous decision of that choice will lead to dire consequences. But Tala feels that she owes Jason her life, and that he is connected to her by the past - her ‘past sins’, her ‘past shame’ - and she’s prepared to face the tribe’s punishment no matter the cost.

The reader will not want to put this book down until the last page is read. Jason and Tala will face trials, sacrifices, and secrets once revealed that are stunning. Jason’s wry humor and remarks are well placed in the story keeping it from being too dark a tale and making the ‘hidden world’ of Tala’s people all the more realistic because of their innocent ignorance of anything current. Tala is a strong heroine, proud and endearing. Jason is strong, brave, and a hero that readers will fall in love with. The sensual chemistry between the two, from the beginning, is electric, and the love that grows is intense.

Kudos to Ms. Thompson for a wonderful, fascinating new ‘take’ on the werewolf genre with its history steeped in Native American beliefs and customs. This reader loved the book and had only one complaint: it ended too soon!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Kari.

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