by Lauren Dane

November 2006
ISBN: 1-4199-0754-8
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Holly has been on her own since her motherís recent death. She has always known she has a gift for precognition but her mother forbid her to ever speak of it out loud. When her mother succumbs to cancer, Holly is left alone and full of questions. Where do her powers come from? Why did her motherís family abandon her?

Hollyís gift is reawakened when a strange old lady gives her a deck of Tarot cards. But before she can fully test her skills she is violently attacked. Enter two of the most gorgeous men, Nate and Rhett, she has ever met to save the day. In fact, they are vampires and they claim she is their mate and insist she needs their protection. As different as night and day, Rhett and Nate appeal to Holly on a level she has never felt before.

However, she still has questions about her family and someone still means her harm. To get answers to her questions she will have to leave her Seattle home for New Orleans, home of the Charvez witches.

Lauren Dane revisits the Charvez witches in Witches Knot: Thrice United where a long lost member is rediscovered. Hollyís story is told with flare, panache, wit and lots of energy.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Cynthia.

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