by Claire Thompson

November 2006
ISBN: 1-4199-0744-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Ellora`s Cave

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In this sequel to Golden Boy, Johnny and Eric have been together for six months and have decided to live together. Eric is continuing Johnnyís training as a submissive and is trying to teach him to accept everything with grace. Throughout the story Eric realizes heís no longer the same cold hearted Dom he was before and he never wants to treat Johnny with anything other than love and respect.

Johnny still has reservations about some of the things Eric wants to do, but he truly trusts him and and makes an effort to get past his fears. Johnny is determined to go back to the club where he feels he shamed himself months before. And he wants to make Eric very proud of him.

When his brother contacts him, Johnny slowly begins to try and repair the relationship with his family. He meets his brother and wife at their house for lunch but then warns them if they ever invite him over again, then they better be willing to accept Eric coming with him. Johnnyís mom also makes an attempt to understand her sonís lifestyle, though not in a direct way.

This book contains graphic and intense scenes involving spanking and anal sex, but they are written in a loving way. I very much enjoyed seeing Johnny confront his fears as well as his family and come out stronger because of it. Eric does some growing as well as he deals with his anxiety about Johnny eventually wanting to leave him. It takes a talented author to write such forceful and graphic scenes that leave you with tender feelings towards both characters.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Jackie.

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