by Betty Jo Schuler

September 2002
ISBN: 0-931742-95-2
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Trade Paperback

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“To Dream the Impossible Dream” is the motto for the characters in this fast paced, highly entertaining romantic comedy. I read this in one sitting and enjoyed the wonderful way Betty Jo Schuler portrayed the characters and brought them to life.

Lori Hays is definitely not one for taking chances or risks. She’s just learned to ‘live-it-up’ and enjoy her new independence. The last thing on her mind is settling down. But, she does need a car and when she somehow gets entered into a “Dream Date Contest” and she sees that one of the alternate prizes is a corvette, she’s ready to go along with the rules of the contest - despite her many misgivings.

Chance Dawson has a ‘life plan’ totally opposite of Lori’s. He’s ready to settle down. He wants love, marriage, and a family. And most of all, he wants the perfect “Dream Home” to raise that family in. Entering the “Dream Date Contest” is his only chance of obtaining that goal sooner than ‘too-much-later.’ When he meets his “Dream Date” Lori, he’s immediately attracted to her.

During the course of the “Dream Date”, Lori is convinced Chance will do anything it takes in order to win the grand prize of the “Dream Home” so she doesn’t believe for one moment his declaration of love and desire. She’s falling for him, too - much to her dismay!

So, what happens when Lori wants to win the corvette and Chance wants to win the house? One has to sacrifice for the other, but is their tentative feelings for each other enough to make that sacrifice willingly?

With personalities and future goals total opposite from each other the sparks fly between the two, heating up the pages and keeping a reader turning those pages!

This entertaining story is full of comic misunderstandings, conversations never fully heard, wonderfully ‘real-life’ characters, and a love that sizzles. A definite recommend.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Kari.

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