by Patricia Crossley

September 2002
ISBN: 1-931761-53-1
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Trade Paperback

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This is a great read, darkly suspenseful, full of mystery, and passionate love. A sinister, insane man comes back into the life of the woman he tortured in the past, intent on gaining back what he deems as his ‘lost love’.

Jazz (Jasmine) Hargrove is a world-traveling news reporter on assignment in Somalia when she gets the telegram bearing the news of her father’s sudden death and the request that she return home to Canada immediately. Jazz has mixed emotions about the news. She’s been estranged from her father for years and values her hard-won independence. Still, she knows it’s her duty and she can’t run away from having to face what surely waits when she returns.

A ferocious, dangerous sandstorm traps her with her photographer-partner, Pete Browning, on the way to the airstrip. Jazz is confronted with having to face a secret fear of closed in spaces when the sandstorm traps them within the confines of the jeep. Pete shows understanding and compassion for her fear and pulls her through the frightening ordeal. While waiting for help, Jazz examines her ‘new’ attraction to Pete and wonders if it’s only because they suffered through the danger together.

Once home, she’s left to deal with her father’s estates with impatient determination to leave as soon as everything is taken care of. Suddenly, out of the blue, a stalker threatens to unravel the thin thread of endurance Jazz is maintaining. Her past comes back to haunt her and with it the very fear that she has kept secret all these years.

Pete has followed her back to Canada, determined to start a relationship with her. When danger stalks Jazz, he’s more than willing to protect her even though she doesn’t want him involved. Will his growing love for her be enough to keep Jazz safe? Or will she push him away, her secret fear destroying any chance they have at a future together?

Interwoven through out the story is the internal, insane thoughts of the stalker. If readers are paying attention - reading closely - the psychotic ramblings of the stalker will reveal his identity before he is exposed in the climax. Yet, it will not deter from the suspense and highly-charged climatic ending.

Will Jazz be able to face her fear? When lives are at stake, will she be able to finally bring an end to the nightmare that has followed her all these years?

This is a definite recommend to lovers of the suspense romance genre, and this reader will be looking forward to reading future books from Patricia Crossley.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Kari.

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