by Jan Springer

August 2002
ISBN: 1-59088-916-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Wings ePress Inc
Trade Paperback

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Emily Montgomery is trying to get past the painful memories of a passion-filled love and marriage that ended all too soon with the mysterious death of her husband Steve. It’s been years now and she feels she’s ready to begin again. It’s that sole reason she’s now engaged to Skip Cole. Even though she knows she can never love another man like she did Steve, she feels her affection for Skip will see her through their future together. She wants a family and thinks this will be her only chance or choice.

Halloween night brings a storm and a mysterious intruder into Emily’s neat little world and changes everything from that moment on. Feelings of déjà vu will confuse her and make her doubt her future plans with Skip. She may not understand why she feels such intense attraction to the stranger but realizes that her engagement to Skip isn’t really what she wanted after all.

Chance Donovan has returned to the small Canadian Island for one main reason: revenge. His past is filled with memories of brutal captivity and torture, and he’s determined to find the man he feels is responsible for all that happened to him. Coming back into Emily’s life a changed man who has vowed not to let her know his true identity, Chance is unprepared for all the feelings of love and passion he’d shared with her when they were married.

Through twists and turns and secrets that are slowly revealed, the sensual awareness between Emily and Chance grow stronger. Both have reasons for not wanting to explore their attraction to each other, yet the ‘pull’ of soul-felt love isn’t easy to ignore.

Too, Chance’s return brings danger right to Emily’s doorsteps. Can he destroy the man he blames for the past and still manage to keep Emily safe? Will he be able to walk away from her when it’s finished? An unexpected exposure of the ‘bad guys’ brings this fast paced story to a climatic ending that will surprise readers.

Kudos to Jan Springer for a fantastic read full of sensual tension, enduring love, mystery and suspense, danger, and above all else --- soul-mate love lost then found. A highly recommended book!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Kari.

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