by Evangeline Anderson

November 2006
ISBN: 978-1-59632-356-8
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Danielle Linden and Ben Davis have been partners at the newspaper for five years. And despite being best friends as well, Dani doesn’t know the truth about Ben. Not only is she clueless about how much he loves her, she has no idea he’s also a werewolf. When a distraught old man arrives at her office and starts talking crazy about his daughter being kidnapped by wolves, Dani doesn’t think much of it. But then she begins to investigate and Ben doesn’t want her learning the truth.

Though having fallen in love with her almost upon first sight, Ben has always been able to control himself around Dani. He refuses to accept his wolf half and hasn’t shifted in years. But lately he’s having a hard time keeping his cool around his sexy partner.

Dani notices Ben acting strange around her and doesn’t understand why things seem so tense between them. When Ben makes it clear he thinks the story is nonsense, Dani begins investigating on her own. She has no clue of the danger she’s in as she walks the line of two different worlds. Ben ends up having to rescue her and gives her a taste of the pent up passion he feels for her. When she learns Ben’s secret she’s not as much astonished of the truth as she is angry at him for lying to her.

Dani refuses to give up on her story, especially since Ben told her to, and she finds herself in a very dangerous position as a result. Ben is forced to confront his inner beast as well as the lifestyle he wants no part of in order to try and save the woman he loves.

The story is told in first person, each chapter switching from Ben to Dani's point of view, enabling us to see what both of them are thinking and feeling. Both are afraid of their feelings and also of ruining their friendship, while at the same time knowing everything between them is changing. While dark at times, this friends to lovers story will leave you smiling.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Jackie.

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