by Eleanor Sullo

July 2002
ISBN: 1-931742-75-8
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Trade Paperback

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Mystery, danger, searching for truths, and love, all mingle into this intriguing plot, with a story that is a ‘read-away-the-afternoon-page-turner’.

Patricia Diamonte is preparing to start a new life and leave behind the boyfriend who dumped her, and venture to New York City. On her way to her first job assignment she is caught in a panic-filled crowd when an explosion rocks the building. Amidst the confusion, fright, and the stampeding crowd, Patricia is almost stomped to death. She’s rescued by what she can only describe as a hero in ‘Zeus’ form--- the perfect ‘knight in shining armor’. But in the midst of all the confusion, she loses sight of ‘Zeus’ and is sure she’ll never know who her rescuer really was.

Dylan Stone’s too-brief encounter with Patricia has left a lasting impression on him. He’s delighted with the chance to return the shoe and briefcase she lost in the panic and is even thinking about starting a relationship with her. But when they meet once again at the job they’re both working on, their dominant personalities clash at every turn.

Patricia isn’t looking for a relationship. Her one obsession is to find the truth of her birth parents. The path she takes towards that goal leads her into danger and mystery, threatening her life and those close to her. She’s so desperate to find out the truth that she’s running headlong into the danger that waits without thinking through the consequences first.

Can Dylan convince her they have a chance together? Will Patricia finally accept the truth when she discovers it? Will she let Dylan into her life?

Kudos to Ms. Sullo for a very intriguing read that had everything to satisfy a reader of romance --- intrigue and suspense, mystery, real-life characters, and an endearing love that made it past the many obstacles.

Be sure and try out the heavenly, delicious recipe at the end of the book; you’ll be glad you did.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Kari.

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