by Karen Chance

April 2007
ISBN: 0-451-46152-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Roc
Mass Market Paperback

Recently Cassie Palmer has been given the unenviable position of Pythia, which means she is now the world's lead clairvoyant. Along with her new position comes immense power that some will stop at nothing to control, a situation that Cassie is less than pleased with. While Cassie is trying to adjust to her new circumstances she is also attempting to track down the whereabouts of Antonio, the vampire responsible for her parentís death years ago, the result of his desire to gain control over Cassieís psychic talents.

Cassie is also after Myra who was also in line to become Pythia but turned to the dark because of her craving for power. And it looks like Cassie will have to find her fast because Myraís learned a thing or two and is trying to mess with the past to ensure her own ascension to Pythia and although Cassie doesnít want the job sheís not going to hand it over to just anyone. In the middle of all this Cassie must also fight her attraction to Mircea if she ever hopes of passing on her position to another but this is made all the harder by their unbearable yearning for one another.

Claimed by Shadow is the second installation of Karen Chanceís Cassie Palmer series and serves to further whet the appetites of readers. I love that Cassie is so strong-willed and determined to fight against a path that she doesnít want to travel. Cassie and Mircea's predicament is one that I canít wait to find out more about. Iím also looking forward to Cassieís quest to bring justice to her parentís killer and to watching her make peace with her new found position. Karen Chance is fast becoming one of my favorite authors and one whose work I highly anticipate. Karen Chanceís fascinating world of magic and the journey that her strong heroine must travel to fulfill her destiny is one that readers wonít want to miss.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Claudia.

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