by Julie McBride

September 1992 Reissue
ISBN: 0-373-25991-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #891
Mass Market Paperback

For a category romance, this wonderful tale has a surprisingly solid plot! Captain Sullivan Steele is baffled by a case with a very personal angle – it’s his father who is missing, presumably with large amounts of money from the police fund. Judith Hunt is one of the Investigative Affairs officers assigned to the case, and she’s finding the electricity that’s always sparked between her and Sully is still there – and getting stronger.

This is the third in the “Big Apple Bachelor” series, and I confess I’ll be looking for the first two after reading this one. The intricacies of the story are well balanced by the complexity of Sully and Judith’s love affair – I was entranced by the tale and sad to reach the end. Sully is a to-sigh-for kind of guy, sensitive, strong, caring and dynamite in bed! Judith has some baggage that she hides well, but Sully uncovers – it brings them closer, yet not quite to where they need to be. The passion is hot and the romance unforced, there is a sense of reality present in this story. No contrived plot twists here, just a well developed foundation and a sensual love affair built on top.

Ms. McBride has us caring about Sully and Judith within the first few pages of this book, and that’s all it takes to create a wonderful reading experience! If you have the first two books, you’ll love this one – if, like me, you’re new to the series, then take my word for it, you’ll enjoy this one and head out to find the first two...again, just like me!!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Celia.

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