by Jennifer Armintrout

February 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2418-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Possession is the second book in the Blood Ties series and I highly suggest the books be read in order. There are too many details in the first book for anyone to pick up this one and truly understand what is going on.

Itís been two months since Carrie killed her first sire Cyrus. She and Nathan are living together, and occasionally sleeping together, but he refuses to get emotionally involved. Heís still in love with his dead wife, and nearly crippled with the guilt he feels for her death, though it was a long, long time ago.

First Carrie starts dreaming about Cyrus being brought back from the dead and then Nathan is seemingly possessed and attacks her. When he kills an innocent, a death warrant is issued by the Voluntary Vampire Extinction Movement. Max shows up when Carrie calls for help and though heís given the order to kill his friend he just wants to find Nathan and help him. When Bella, a were, is also given the kill orders Max finds himself reluctantly working with her, though vamps and weres truly hate each other.

A large part of the story is also told through Cyrusís point of view. Though he was an evil bastard in the first book, heís now human and having to reevaluate how he thinks and behaves. Itís hard to believe I actually felt compassion for his character when I hated him so whole heartedly in the first book.

Fans looking for a romantic paranormal series will be disappointed. This series is gritty and graphic and not meant to be romantic. But those who donít require large doses of romance should really enjoy this unique series. At a time when the market is being flooded with paranormal books, itís always fun to read something truly original.

Reviewed in January 2007 by Jackie.

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