by Jeanie London

February 2002
ISBN: 0-373-79032-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #28
Mass Market Paperback

What would happen if you took a beautiful red-headed marriage counselor and a guy who’s been her very best friend since elementary school and stuck them into a romantic resort called the “Falling Inn Bed and Breakfast” which overlooks Niagara Falls?

Well, you’ll find the answer in this spicy book by Jeanie London. Maggie James is suffering a counseling crisis and needs to re-evaluate her take on romance. Sam Masters, her best friend for ever, agrees to accompany her to the latest fad – a romance club, where everything is subtly — and not so subtly — geared towards enjoying some wild sensual experiences.

Naturally, Sam has a lot more than friendship on his mind when he accepts Maggie’s proposal, and although Maggie has a few midnight fantasies of her own, neither of them can believe what explodes between them from their first moment at the club.

This is a book about romance, pure and simple. Two lovely people learning about each other, both physically and psychologically, and coming to the inevitable conclusion that they’re nuts about each other. It’s fun, very natural in its development, and Maggie and Sam are delightful characters who struggle with the normal emotions involved in something as momentous as a love affair.

Oh, and there’s a lot of hot playing around too!! Even though the climactic (pardon the expression) resolution is delayed until towards the end of this tale, there is no lack of spicy fun. There is a hot tub, edible body paint, erotic decorations, and a suite named “Warlord”. You may use your imagination or buy this book and enjoy it all along with Maggie and Sam. Either way, it’s a great romp.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Celia.

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