by Linda Suzane

July 2002
ISBN: 1-894841-36-0
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Gwen Wilson writes best-selling detective stories, and also designs customized murder games for party gatherings. Little does she realize that her next game will turn into something her fictional detective would love – a real live murder mystery.

Lawrence Van Hise and his son Hunter are not strangers to Gwen, so when she receives word that Lawrence wishes to put on a Murder Game for his seventieth birthday, she returns to the house where her mother was once housekeeper, and where she developed a serious teenage crush on the wildly handsome Hunter. Times have changed both of them, but the attraction is still there for Gwen and now Hunter finds himself falling under her spell.

This is a lovely tale with a great blend of mystery and romance. The suspense is all in the mystery, because Hunter and Gwen have no trouble falling for each other. It’s delightful to read a novel where the lovers work together to solve their mutual problem, rather than allow it to force them apart. Hunter is bright, determined, frustrated by his father’s eccentric behavior and toppling head over heels for Gwen.

Gwen herself is a delightful heroine. Battered by life, she is nobody’s pawn, but her own independent woman. Thus is it even more pleasurable to watch her freely give herself to Hunter – you can’t get much more romantic than that! Their passion is mentioned in passing; this is not your blatantly sexual affair, nor does it need to be. The secondary characters play their roles well, in a manner very similar to an old-fashioned Agatha Christie story. I kept waiting for someone to say “You’re probably wondering why I’ve asked you all here tonight...” For the record, I had three guesses about ‘whodunit’ – I shall simply say that one of my guesses was right. I recommend Ms. Suzane’s eBook to any mystery lover, or any romance lover...but the latter be warned, you may just get hooked on solving the murder first!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Celia.

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