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August 2002
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Remember the old saying, "be careful what you wish for because it just might come true"? Well, that is exactly what happens in Wicked Wishes. Each story was able to grab me at the very beginning and keep me interested until the very end. The stories start off with each of them making a wish, even reluctantly and one not even realizing it.

Craven's Downfall is the first story in this anthology by Stephanie Burke and what a way to start it off! The opening scene is one big orgy, but to Craven the "Master of Dark Desire, Lord of the Flesh, the Ruler of the Kingdom of Lust" was bored to say the least. He could not even get an erection even with some helpful lips. So he sets off to find someone that might be able to stir some life back into him. (bg) That is where Nola comes into the story. She is to get married that day to her friend that is a more like a brother and not someone she is attracted to. Well, Nola makes a wish that included finding true passion. What else does the "Master of Dark Desire" grant but her wish of finding true passion? That is exactly what Craven does, in a number of ways. I will not spoil the ways he does grant her wish, but will say the bathtub scene is one of my favorites in the story. Not only did Nola stir him back to life but also the attraction to each other surpassed it all. Once you read the story you will understand and if I said anything else it would spoil it.

A Wish Away by Marly Chance takes us to another time and place. We meet Tiffany at her birthday lunch that her friend Polly insisted they have. Tiffany does not make wishes on her birthday because whatever she wishes comes true... but this only happens on her birthday. Well, Polly insisted once again for her to make a wish. Tiffany received her wish in a big way, when Zak came barging into the restaurant saying they are promised and telling her that her life is in danger. Zak confesses who he really is and the danger they are in but the present danger is in hiding out for one night in a motel that is known for its sexual escapades! The room has a couple of neat fixtures such as a hologram and a chair, not just any old chair either! This story has plenty of adventure and excitement from the moment they leave the restaurant, to the motel to the very end of the story, and of course the sex between Zak and Tiffany is incredible. Remember the wishes that Tiffany makes on her birthday have a way of coming true; she made a wish for Polly and Dran, Zaks' brother. I am hoping that Ms. Chance will write another quickie or longer story about the two of them.

Serendipity by Joanne Wylde brings up the rear of these delightful stories. Mali wishes for a daddy, a nice daddy like her friend has. She makes this wish in front of Able but her brother says that wishes do not come true. Well, Ms. Wylde proves that wishes do come true despite what others try to do to prevent it. Sarai did not want to marry again ever, not after having an abusive husband and living on a remote planet. Now she is making a life for herself and her two children and does not have room for a man, not even sexy, good-looking Jax. When Jax tells Sarai they are mates for life, she doesn't believe him, but she gives him 3 weeks to prove that he will do anything (includes not having sex if she wishes) and will not take away her independence. But she could not resist Jax for long. The story starts off with a wish of marriage that leads on an adventure of getting to know one another to a disaster that nearly destroyed them all to another wish being made in the end. I wonder if Ms. Wylde will pick up the story of the last wish being made.

Remember what you wish for just might come true. Hmmmm... lets see what to wish for.... (veg)

Reviewed in September 2002 by Pam.

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