by Wendy Burge

October 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7449-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Christina and Varek’s was a childhood love which came true upon their marriage. Varek is no ordinary man – he is Varek Von Vischering, the Archduke of Austenberg. Ten years and six miscarriages later, the Grand Duchy and its residents demand that Varek set aside Christina and marry another woman who will give them their heir. Varek is torn between love and duty even as he knows that if he doesn’t do as the public demands then the violent faction of their populace will not hesitate to assassinate Christina.

Christina, already devastated by her continuous miscarriages, is tremendously distressed upon being divorced. On the eve of Varek’s second marriage, she disappears with Varek’s best friend. She flees, trying to escape an agony that will never leave her. She then meets and marries a British nobleman by the name of Robert St. Pole and finds sanctuary at his countryside estate where she buries herself in serene and numbing anonymity.

Then the Vienna Congress takes place and she reluctantly goes along with her husband to attend it. And there the inevitable happens! She meets Varek there, with her husband standing right by her side, bristling with hostility. Varek, who had almost gone mad with grief at the loss of Christina, has no intention of ever letting his ‘lark’ abandon him again. He is fully prepared and determined to do anything and everything to get her back, including getting rid of her husband! But Christina can never leave Robert, no matter how much she still loves Varek, because Robert has given her something that Varek never could!! Or can she?!

Love Me Again is one lush, haunting saga of love, treachery, betrayal, jealousy, conspiracy, war and murder. Wendy Burge is to be commended on presenting the readers with such a masterful story of an all-encompassing and constant love, which touches the heart like none other. Readers will find themselves completely caught up in the emotional storm that renders these two soul mates apart. The main protagonists’ sentiments and conflicts are delicately portrayed. There are many secondary characters that help to round out the story. The sumptuous setting of the Vienna Congress, with its gaiety and revelry poised on the brink of a deadly war, is rich with historical details and characters and is truly lavish. The plot line is good while not unique. It is Burge’s treatment of it which makes it so outstanding.

An extraordinary tale full of twists and turns that will keep readers guessing until the very end!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Rashmi.

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