by Megan Hart

January 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-60513-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Spice
Trade Paperback

Dirty is nothing like I expected it to be. Megan Hart wrote a book that allows us to “see” and understand the fears and dreams of her characters, while making it steamy.

When I read the first two lines the first thing that popped into my head was a song that I heard many years ago about the leader of the pack. As I read on I realized it was nothing about the song but I will admit I was intrigued by those first few line of reading and I was curious where the story would go.

Elle Kavanagh has many secrets and some of those secrets affect everything she does in her life. She cannot seem to let the past go and move on. She has no sexual hang-ups however; the one thing she will never do is let her heart get involved. She thinks the man she meets in the candy store will be another no-strings attached affair but just some good Dirty sex in places she never thought.

Dan Stewart saw her in the candy store and he had to have her. He wanted to touch, taste and fulfill every fantasy with this woman. Can he do this without attachment? Will he be able to give her just hot sex or will his heart be a part of it?

The big thing for Elle is will she let him in? Will she be able to share her secrets with Dan? What will it take to bring these two together or is it just not meant to be?

I really liked this book. I think Megan Hart wrote a fantasy for every person who reads Dirty and who are not too brave to act on them. Her writing was done with lust as well as love and it came through within the pages. When you pick this book up, I hope you are not able to put it down. I know I could not for I had to know how it would end.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Theresa.

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