by Terry Campbell

ISBN: 1-55316-054-1
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Mr. Wrong is an entertaining read that will have you laughing out loud. Reading Mr. Wrong as an ebook I was unprepared for how easy it was to get lost in the story.

In no way was it a hardship to read about Katherine Snow and Rourke Hawthorne and their confusing, roundabout and hilarious journey to true love.

Single mother Katherine Snow is ready to find Mr. Right. But she’s been out of the game for so long she’s not sure how to go about finding him. So she enlists the help of childhood friend, Rourke Hawthorne. Neither Rourke nor Kat are prepared for the chemistry that flares between them during her “lessons” and although Rourke fits most of the criteria for Kat’s Mr. Right there’s one he doesn’t meet. No. 9. Can't be autocratic, dictatorial or controlling.

Rourke has always played the role of big brother to Katherine’s little sister. But as she becomes more confident and willing to assert herself, the last thing she wants is a man who’ll run roughshod over her.

It takes some doing, especially with the specter of jealousy running amok throughout this book, but Rourke finally comes to the realization that treating Katherine like a five year old who doesn’t know her own mind and can’t make her own choices is just not the way to go.

The author was able to keep Rourke from being this tyrannical one-dimensional character and that took skill. Showing things from Rourke’s perspective she flawlessly showed readers the compassionate and less autocratic sides of Rourke that make him an enjoyable character.

Katherine is a woman trying to date and raise a child and be a working woman. At all times she was concerned about her child’s welfare and refrained from parading her dates through her child’s life. She’s good at her job and knows it, as do the people around her, although there was a time or two when things got sticky, since Rourke is also her boss. Ultimately, she’s a woman that other women cheer for. You absolutely want to see her come out on top.

I very much enjoyed reading Mr. Wrong and I’m looking forward to reading more of Terry Campbell’s work.

Reviewed in September 2002 by JaToya.

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