by Andrea Kane

April 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-074134-1
Reviewer Graphic Button William Morrow

Morgan Winter’s nightmares are starting again. Seventeen years ago her parents were murdered. She was a child at the time; she was also the one who found the bodies. She has learned the wrong man was convicted and the real killer is still out there somewhere. He has been there all along, silently watching her every move and making sure a dark secret stays a secret.

Pete “Monty” Montgomery, everyone who knows him calls him Monty, was the lead detective on the original case. He is now a private investigator. He agrees to look into this development and see if there is any truth to it. When Morgan’s friends are being stalked and getting hurt, he begins to realize the real killer is closer to them then they all realize.

Monty and Morgan will have to keep their friends close and their enemies closer until they ferret out the killer. This is easier said than done. Morgan can mighty stubborn when she has a mind to, and she is hesitant to stir up all those memories but she does want to know who really killed her parents. They talk to people and the information takes them on twists and turns until the very end. Enjoyable read for mystery fans of all ages.

Reviewed in August 2007 by Pat.

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