by Steven Manchester

September 2006
ISBN: 0977005046
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Trade Paperback

In 1978, young Richard falls in love with Abby. Unfortunately, the financial misfortunes of Richard's widower father force them to move away. The action fast forwards twenty years and Richard and Abby meet again. They both have been through failed relationships and are wary. Abby and Richard have to not only deal with emotional baggage of the past, but Abby's daughter, Paige, has not dealt well with her parent's divorce and shows extreme hostility toward all of Richard's overtures to establish a relationship.

Although most of the novel revolves around Richard and Abby, there are two other tales of couples developed and interwoven into the plot. Eunice and Bill are senior citizens who find true love in their "golden years". Grant and Carmen are a fine example of love that can poison and ruin lives. All the character are well drawn and come alive in the compelling third person narrative.

The author compares his novel's style to Nicholas Sparks. This is a fair assessment as the storyline is one that is tender, sweet and more geared toward female readers. It takes a talented storyteller to appeal to the opposite gender and Mr. Manchester surely has that gift. He adds his own exceptional voice with gentle poetry that he weaves directly into the story and still maintains an excellent flow and pace.

The novel also addresses the theme of change in society for both good and evil and how we have often traded modern "must-haves" for the simple pleasures of the not so distant past. A melancholy tone underlies much of the narrative. Foremost, PRESSED PENNIES is a story of love and second chances and is a testamnet that love can come at any stage of life,if we are just open. This is a book that is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

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Reviewed in December 2006 by Roberta.

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