by Shana Galen

February 2007
ISBN: 978-0-06-112496-9
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Mass Market Paperback

London, 1801

Four cousins had made a pact as children swearing never to marry; they formed the “Spinster club”. The first, Catie Fullbright, took the fall and recently married. Audacious eighteen year old Josephine Hale vows never to go that route, she would much rather hunt the treasure her grandfather, famed pirate Nathan Hale, and his partner James Doubleday buried. Josie has the Hale half of the torn yellowed map showing the way. She must persuade her family’s sworn enemy, Doubleday’s grandson the new Earl of Westman, to come up with his part. Not an easy task, since Stephen Doubleday is a renowned reprobate, and just recently returned from his family’s imposed exile from India.

Upon the death of his older brother, Stephen Doubleday is now the Earl of Westman, something he never bargained for, and certainly something his family never wanted for him. Having been banished years ago by his father for the many sins Stephen committed, Stephen has returned vowing to find some way to replenish his family’s depleted fortune, (one of the things he was responsible for) and restore his family name. He must also find a bride proper enough to suit his new position. His new next door neighbor, Miss Josephine Hale keeps throwing curves into his plans, and then he discovers her late at night sneaking into his window and demanding to become not only his business partner but also his lover! Stephen burns for the elusive Josie, who only wants the moment of adventure not a lifetime commitment. Stephen needs to convince the headstrong Josie to become his bride as they go off on a treasure hunt which turns into Good Groom Hunting.

Catie bit the bullet in No Man’s Bride and found true love, now the next member of the Spinster club is about to tumble. Shana Galen’s second installment of her enjoyable series Misadventures in Matrimony, Good Groom Hunting follows spunky Josie Hale’s flight from the clutches of love and marriage. Josie is a delight from start to finish thumbing her nose at convention and deciding she wants passion but not in the marriage bed. Lord Stephen is the alpha male that cannot believe he is being led around by, ahem, (well you know what he is being led around by), in the grasp of a slip of a girl who can best the most notorious rake of the London ton! A fun filled action packed erotic gambol that satisfies all around. I am looking forward to the next in this fabulous series!

Reviewed in February 2007 by Bonnie.

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