by Rie Sheridan

March 2007
ISBN: 1-58749-601-1
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Mordigan Bryre (Digan) is determined to become a famous lute player preferably to the King. Unfortunately he has a major fault in the fact that he lies constantly.

The King's daughter, Allysian has a crush on Digan and he feels the same but he can't let her know his feelings as he is a lowly commoner and she a princess. But when Digan is turned away by his Master and has to fend for himself that is when the adventure begins.

While this is mainly a historical story it has strong overtures of fantasy as well, especially when Digan heads off to try to seek his fortune.

The character of Digan is interesting because unlike most heroes he really is seriously flawed, with few redeeming features, though the reader learns that his heart is in the right place as the story unfolds.

Allysian is a very brave girl given that she is only 15. In these early times she was regarded as a woman. She is determined to fight for her man. Of the two characters I liked her the best.

There are quite a number of good secondary characters who each add importance to the storyline.

The author has written a good story with a fairly exciting plot and she can really pluck one's heartstrings by making some parts of the tale so sad and yet the reader will feel that there is always a margin of hope even in the tightest spots the hero finds himself in. Some of these spots are very tight indeed!

The story is interesting with the fantasy weaved cleverly into the tale, always seeming believable.

I enjoyed the book and can recommend it to the reader as a good way to escape the normal everyday routine!

Reviewed in April 2007 by Mary.

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