by Carla Cassidy

August 2002
ISBN: 0-373-51203-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette
Mass Market Paperback

When Kelly Reynolds buys her dream house next to the ocean, it is with the memories of her Grandmother’s stories in her mind. Tales of the silent movie star and his lovely wife who lived in the house, loved in the house, and sadly, died in the house. Violently. Their biographies tell of a man who fell victim to madness and suicide and a woman who was destroyed by her husband’s gun.

In spite of the tragic history of the house, Kelly Reynolds knows she has to have it! It’s big enough to subdivide into apartments, so she rents them out, one to a friend of hers and another to Dalton Waverly, grandson of the movie star whose tragedy still haunts the place. And “haunt” is the operative word here!

Before long strange happenings begin (yes, this is definitely a book that should be accompanied by a ghostly soundtrack), and Dalton and Kelly are caught up in an adventure that is enough to raise the hairs on the back of your neck. There is one scene in particular that is very, very chilling. The passion between Kelly and Dalton is tempered by the past, and although most experienced romance readers will have a pretty good handle on the villain before too many chapters have passed, the writing is still good enough to draw us along and into the confusing and frightening events that lead to truths and still more tragedies.

Definitely a paranormal romance, yet one that doesn’t resort to “otherworldly creatures” as a source of terror. Just good, old fashioned, scary writing! I would not recommend reading this late at night, unless you have a very warm body to cuddle up to when you’re finished.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Celia.

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