by Sheridon Smythe

July 2002
ISBN: 0-505-52483-X
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Mass Market Paperback

What a wonderful surprise! To grab a book from a pile at a local store based solely on the cover and the jacket notes, only to find that it is better than you ever could have imagined. Sheridon Smytheís wonderful tale Those Baby Blues is a sparkling, funny, poignant and sexy tale of love and parenthood, not necessarily in that order!

Although relying on the rather forced plot line of baby switching, this tale is far from trite. In fact, the principals are four years old before the truth comes to light, and by that point, Hadleigh Charmaine is divorced, and movie star Treet Miller settled into his role as single father. Both Hadleigh and Treet adore their kids. So itís a horrid shock to find out that they were swapped, and that Samantha and Caroline actually belong to the other one!

Of course, wise counsel prevails and takes them all to a retreat in Montana, where the kids bond and the parents Ė well, bonding is just one of the things they do! Treet is a yummy, wonderful, come-to-me-and-let-me-worship-your-body kind of guy, and Hadleigh is furious with herself for falling in love with him. Scared to believe that His Handsomeness could actually love her, Hadleigh is a very real woman, placed in a rather unreal situation. The kids are honest and natural, cute yes, but annoyingly saccharine, no. They whine, giggle, throw up, and generally act like real four-year olds.

Perhaps that is the underlying charm of this tale Ė its sense of being something that anyone of its readers could experience. Provided someone like George Clooney could fall in love with them and had a daughter!! Well, all right, itís fantasy. But it is a wonderful, funny and delightful fantasy all the same, and I think it is certainly worth reading, which is why Iím giving it my highest recommendation.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Celia.

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