by Tracey Bateman

January 2007
ISBN: 1-59789-221-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Barbour Publishing
Trade Paperback

Oregon 1949

Shea Penbrook has no one left in her family. Her last remaining relative, Granddad is buried in the cemetery. She buried him today. Life looks pretty bleak to her, no job, no money, and the homestead could use some sprucing up. Her neighbor, Jackson Sable has been hounding her to sell to him; she has refused, just like her Granddad did. Now seems like a good time to cut all ties and move on with her life. While cleaning out the house and packing she literally stumbles across dairies which were written by her Great, great Grandfather, Jason McCourt Penbrook. As she reads these diaries, we are transported back to Georgia, 1847, she discovers Jason, who everyone called Mac was in love with a slave on his fatherís plantation, could it be possible she was the sole surviving Penbrook and she had a place to go to, she makes plans to travel to Georgia to find out for sure.

Jonas Riley can not figure out why Shea has come to Georgia, he doesnít trust her, even though she was the one to save Andyís life, after he was beaten severely and left for dead in the bushes. His gut is telling him she is hiding something, he trusts his gut; he is after all a newspaper reporter. He also has a hot temper which lands him in trouble and Shea also has a hand in saving him. He thinks she is there to somehow take away Penbrook House from him and his family. He will not let that happen, she has no claim to it.

Jonas, Shea and Andy have more in common than what they think. As they read through the diaries, family secrets come to life, these secrets will change everyone associated with the Penbrooks.

This is the second book in The Penbrook Diaries. Even though does have characters from the first book and it would benefit the reader to read them in order of publication to understand the whole story. It was a joy to read about what happens to Andy and other characters, but it also brings other unanswered questions which hopefully will be answered in the third book. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Reviewed in December 2006 by Pat.

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