by M. L. Tyndall

January 2007
ISBN: 1-59789-360-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Barbour Publishing
Trade Paperback

Now married, Captain Merrick and Charlisse dream of happy days ahead. Charlisse is five months pregnant with their first child. When pirates attack the town they reside in, Merricks first impulse is to get Charlisse to safety. But on the way to his ship, Charlisse stops to help a church full of orphans. The church is blown up moments after Merrick leaves to get more help. Believing Charlisse is dead, Merrick returns to his old live-style, violence, women, and drink to ease his grief.

Charlisse is taken captive by the pirate, Kent Carlton, a long time enemy of Merrick’s. But now Merrick believes she’s dead. Will Charlisse ever see her husband again? Will the baby be born alive?

The Reliance is the second book in the Legacy of the King’s Pirates series. I didn’t enjoy The Reliance as much as I did The Redemption, but The Reliance was still well-written and held my interest. There were a few unexpected plot twists and turns, which were enough to keep me reading even when I grew frustrated with Merrick or Charlisse.

The Reliance relies heavily on The Redemption to make sense, so I recommend reading The Redemption first. The faith message is expertly woven in. Fans of the movie Pirates of the Caribean will want to read this well-written, interesting series by new author, M. L. Tyndall.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Laura.

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